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Cars, motorcycles, adventure, motorsport, off-road - share your experiences here.

Guy Pickrell

My first wheeled adventure occurred one summer morning when my friend, eager to try it out his new bicycle in earnest, suggested we ride to a town called Henley-in-Arden. By the time we completed the 36-mile round trip, half the village was out looking for us. We were only nine years old at the time.

That illicit journey ignited a passion for travel and adventure that has never waned, and to this day, I continue to spend all the time and money I can spare in the pursuit of speed, solitude, adventure, and discovery.

Petroleum Spirit aims to inspire you to follow your automobile dreams. Whether it be a journey or an experience, a desire for speed or adventure. We aim to show you that all you need is a driver’s license and the will to get out there...

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Sergio Sierra

Driving…it’s about so much more than the destination. It connects us to machine, it allows us to discover new places, to see new things, and above all, to feel more alive.

I grew up in the 90s, playing Andretti Racing on a bulky desktop PC, and when my dad took me to NASCAR at Daytona, travel and motorsports took root. Many years later, a spirited drive along the Pacific Coast Highway reignited my interest in auto racing. Track days became racing schools, and eventually, my buddy, Mike, and I formed an amateur racing team, Mission Motorsport.

I can’t go too long without seeking new adventure and spend most of my free time adventuring outdoors, taking road trips, traveling to new destinations, and always looking for the next opportunity to reconnect on the track or the wide-open road.

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